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Ormeau Runners out in Force 24/25th March 2018

The weekend of the 24/25th of March 2018 was a Massive weekend of Running for Ormeau Runners. Between the JogBelfast Graduation at Ormeau parkrun, The Zandvoort Half Marathon in Holland, London Landmark Half Marathon, Washingbay Half Marathon, Larne Half Marathon and the Bunny Run. We had over 70+ of our members either out running or Volunteering at the Weekend. Sometimes its only when you sit back and take reflection do you realise how well the group is doinig from its humble beginnings 2 years ago.

JogBelfast Graduates 24/03/2018

After 10 weeks of hard work the JogBelfast Graduates from the Ormeau and Dixon park programs rocked up to Ormeau parkrun which embraced the JogBelfast Graduates coming to complete their First 5K run and parkrun and completing their Couch to 5k programs. We would like to thank LORAG and all Our Members who helped to Coach and Volunteer at the JogBelfast Ormeau program and helping to make it such a great program which gives local people a stepping stone to get into running. The Majority of our 100+ members have come through the Couch to 5k system and we hope to see many more come through and join the club.

Big Shout out to Stevey, Stef and Colly who did a great job coaching the JogBelfast Ormeau program.


Ormeau parkrun seen a fantastic turnout of 442 Runners, many of which (70+) were completing their 1st parkrun. Along with the parkrun birthday and christmas runs, the JogBelfast Graduation parkruns are one of the best days of the year at Ormeau parkrun and Saturday past did not disappoint, and for once we got a bit of Sunshine :) Well done everyone.

The above picture shows our member Marie who is one of our top JogBelfast Volunteers and Newly Qualified LiRF helping support the JogBelfast graduates on their 5k run on Saturday. Marie was joined by many other Ormeau Runners doing the same and giving their time to support the Newbie Runners. Big shout out to Marie who will be the New Team Captain for the Ormeau Runners E Group which is for 40 Minute + 5K runners coming into the club. Our coached session this week seen loads of New faces come in from the recent JogBelfast program., which is fantastic.

Parkrun Volunteers

Big shout out to all the Ormeau Runners Volunteers, week in week out giving up there time. Massive trunout in Volunteers over last weekend. Some can be seen in the above picture mucking about at Ormeau parkrun start/finish line. Dont forget Ormeau Runners get 2 points on the OR`s Championship Table for Voluntering at parkrun, this can be claimed upto 15 times per year, thats a total of 30 points for the championship table.

That would`nt be Deirdre McC with her hands in her pockets again would it barking the orders outs as usual ???? Great to see one of our Oremau Runners coaches Mo back from Uni in London to Volunteer as the Run Director last Saturday. Ormeau Runners work alongside our local running friends Belfast Running Club to make up the core parkrun team in delivering the Ormeau parkrun week in week out.


Well done to Michelle in completing the London Landmarks Half Marathon over the weekend :)


Ormeau Runners went Global on the weekend. Well done to Mark and Janine who took off for a bit of running tourism and completed the Zandvoort Half Marathon last weekend. A large section of the course is off road and on the sand, Mark and Janine ensures us that it is one of the hardest but best halfs going. You could maybe be joined by a couple of extra Ormeau Runners next year.


Great to see Ormeau Runners big and small out for some running fun on Sunday at the Rabbit Run and Fun Run. Especially great to see the wee ones and familires out enjoying the running together.


Super well done and well deserved glass of presecco (The drink of choice for Ormeau Runners) to Catherine, Dee, Sharon and Paula who completed their first Half Marathons at the Washingbay Half Marathon over the weekend. The girls were joined by the fabulous Susan who brought the moral support and presecco at the finish line :)


Larne Half never disappoints, It is off course the first official half for Ormeau Runners way back in 2016 and has seen and good turn out over the past 3 years. We had a total of 13 Ormeau Runners run and finish larne on Saturday. We are sure there would have been many more had the ever popular Larne Half not sold out.

Larne Half Marathon is part of our Club Championship Calander and Table, with all those taking part earning themselves 6 points. Linda seen below is still heading the championship table up with 33 Points.

Next up in the Calender is Omagh Half.

Larne Half has to go down as one of the most popular, most scenic and well organised road races within Northern Ireland, It never disappoints. Big well done to Larne AC for organising such a great event year in year out.

Jane, Andrea, Joanne, Linette, Roger, Laura, Martin, Linda, Gerard, Marie, Joe (Above Picture).

This years Larne Half Marathon seen 2000 runners take to the scenic coastal route

Lets have a game of Wheres WALL (s) Y and see if you can spot Ormeau Runners Coach Gerard Walls in the Crowd.

Linda, Marie, Laura, Roger and Joe. Well done to Linda and Marie completing your first Halfs.

Jane, Joanne, Linette and Andrea having a well earned glass of Presecco after Larne Half.

Coach Gerard, Linette, Janine, Martin, Andrea, Linda and Marie taking a well earned seat after Larne Half.

Well done to All Ormeau Runners over the last week and in true Ormeau`s Runners form "Keep Er Lit" :)

Keep an eye out for our next News Letter.

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